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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be able to activate and use my Free Gas Reward Certificate? 
You will need a Free Gas Reward Certificate which has a unique Certificate Number listed on its reverse side. Complete redemption and usage instructions are also listed on the Rebate Certificate.

Can I redeem and use more than one Rebate Certificate? 
No, only one Rebate Certificate may be redeemed and used per household within any 12 month period.

Can I choose more than one of the available Primary Merchant Providers? 
No, you may select only one Primary Merchant Provider from the current list of available gas station chains when completing and sending in your Rebate Starter Form.

Can I change or update my current Primary Merchant Provider? 
No, you may not change your Primary Merchant Provider once you have made your selection and submitted your Rebate Starter Form, unless that gas station chain goes out of business, closes locations in your area or you move to another residence that does not have locations in your local area. If any of those 3 valid reasons apply, you may complete as instructed a Change Primary Merchant Provider Request Form which you can request by completing and submitting the available online Customer Service Form.

What is a Primary Merchant Provider? 
A Primary Merchant Provider is the major gas station chain whose gift cards you will be purchasing each and every month that you want to make a qualifying purchase and earn a $25 Rebate. In addition, any earned $25 Rebates will also be send in the form of a gift card to that same Primary Merchant Provider.

What is the Rebate Starter Form? 
The Rebate Starter Form is located within this activation website and must be printed, completed as instructed and mailed in to the address provided to fully register your Rebate Certificate and allow you to participate in this valuable program. The Rebate Starter Form allows you to select one of the major gas station chains as your primary merchant provider.

Does this rebate program really work? 
Yes! This is a true "Rebate" program that allows users to earn valuable rebates just for purchasing gas that they need and will use, using prepurchased gift cards to that gas station chain to purchase gas.

How many months can I earn a $25 Rebate? 
The face value amount of your certificate determines how many consecutive months that you may qualify for your $25 Rebate. A $50 rebate gives you the opportunity to earn a $25 Rebate for 2 consecutive months, while a $100 rebate gives you the opportunity to earn a $25 Rebate for 4 consecutive months.

Why do I have to purchase Gas Gift Cards to qualify for my monthly $25 Rebates? 
The purchasing of gift cards to your selected provider is at the core of this Rebate Program. Whether you spend $150 at your choice of gas station chains and pay for your gas directly to the gas station chain or you spend the same amount through Your Choice Gas Rebates when you purchase the required gift cards, you are still only spending the same amount of money. The only difference is that you are earning a rebate that can be more than 10% of your purchases. How can you beat that?

If I miss one or more months, can I still earn my $25 rebate for other months? 
Yes. If you miss one month and do not make any qualifying gift card purchases, you are still able to participate in this program during any additional months that are still available to you, based upon the face value amount of your certificate. Missed months may not be made up however and are lost.

Can I purchase Gift Cards elsewhere and still receive my $25 Rebate? 
No. We have managed to create this Rebate Program that only works when the Gift Cards are purchased through us, due to our unique relationships with our fulfillment partners.

Can I earn more than one $25 Rebate during any given month? 
No. You may only qualify, earn and receive one $25 Rebate per month.

What type of Gas Gift Cards will be sent to me after I place my required order? 
You will receive the actual Gift Cards that are used and sold by each individual gas station chain.

What happens if I do not place any orders for Gift Cards? 
If no orders are placed, then no $25 Rebates are earned. A rebate through this program is only earned when the minimum required purchases are made as specified in the "How It Works" section.

Are their certain restrictions as to what can be bought when using the Gift Cards I purchase to my chosen provider? 
No. You may use your Gift Card to purchase any products or other items that that gas station chain allows you to purchase using their Gift Cards.

What denominations are available for the Free Gas Reward Certificate?  
The Free Gas Reward Certificate is available in a variety of convenient denominations starting at $25 and going up to as high as $100. Each $25 amount basically means that your Rebate Certificate is valid for 1 month, starting at the time you first activate it and complete and send in the Rebate Starter Form as instructed. As an example, a $100 Your Choice Gas Rebate Certificate is valid for 4 consecutive months entitling you to earn a $25 Rebate each of those consecutive months.

How much time do I have to send in my Rebate Starter Form after first activating my Free Gas Reward Certificate online at this website? 
You have 60 days after first activating a Free Gas Reward Certificate to complete and send in as instructed your Rebate Starter Form. After 60 days, your rebate account will be considered inactive and will not be valid. Once you send in your completed Rebate Starter Form as instructed, then your rebate account is active for the duration as determined by the face-value amount of your actual Rebate Certificate. For example, 4 months for a $100 Certificate and 2 months for a $50 Certificate.

Do you offer Customer Service to help me?  
Yes. We pride ourselves on the user experience and ensuring that the people that participate in this program receive the very best customer service possible. Please use the top navigation button link titled “Customer Service” for our available contact information, including a toll free phone number.