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Free Gas Reward

The Free Gas Reward program is a spectacular way to earn valuable rebates, in the form of Gift Cards to your favorite regional and national gas station chains. The Gift Cards that you would receive as your rebate would be the actual $25 Gift Cards that are originally issued and sold by the gas station chain that they are valid at. They are not coupons or another type of savings certificate, but the real Gift Cards that are usually treated the same as cash by all gas station chains.

The Free Gas Reward is a pure rebate type of program where the certificate holder is able to earn a valuable $25 Rebate per month, valid at the gas station chain that has been selected as the primary merchant provider on the Rebate Starter Form that is available to be viewed, printed, completed and mailed in as instructed with a onetime $5.00 registration fee that is refunded as part of the earned rebate during the certificate holders last available month to earn a rebate.

To qualify to earn your $25 Rebate, valid at your choice of available gas station chains, you must satisfy the listed requirements detailed in the "How It Works" section which includes purchasing $50.00 in Gift Cards to the same gas station chain that you select as your primary merchant provider and sending in the receipts from gas purchases made at that gas station with your completed $25 Rebate Claim Form.

This is a great opportunity to earn a $25 Rebate each month that you are able to participate in this program for simply purchasing gas at the gas station of your choice. What could be better than that?

The number of consecutive months that a certificate holder may earn a monthly $25 Rebate depends on the face value amount of your certificate that you are activating on this website. As examples, if your certificate has a $50.00 face value amount, then the number of available months that you can earn a rebate is two consecutive months and if your certificate has a $100.00 face value amount, then the number of available months that you can earn a rebate is 4 consecutive months.

A certificate holder may miss a month and qualify to earn a rebate in subsequent months as long as additional months are available based upon the face value amount of the certificate. Available months are consecutive and any missed months cannot be made up or used at a later time.

To learn more about the entire process, please visit the "How It Works" and "FAQs" sections of this website.