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Terms & Conditions

1. The setting up of a user account and use of this fulfillment website requires that you have been issued and currently have a unique pin number or Registration Number that has not previously been issued to any other party, and that is considered “Live” and therefore able to be activated as instructed by clicking the “Register” link located on the top right corner of this website for immediate access to this valuable rewards program, subject to verification and adherence to these listed Terms & Conditions. Only one such user account may be active per individual, per household, at the same time.

2. Any user that activates their pin number and completes the activation process by setting up their online account, including the choosing of a username and password will enable the user to return and login to this website by clicking the “Login” link located in the top right area of the main home page of this website and when prompted, entering the username and password that was chosen during the registration and setting up of the user’s account. This will allow the user to access the inside of this website after such “Login” and have the right as also indicated on this website, to be able to participate as instructed in this valuable premium incentive or rewards program for the specified duration and/or specified value or reward amount as indicated on their fulfillment piece or certificate that was received with your unique Registration Number.

3. The “How It Works” and “FAQs” located on this website are incorporated by reference into these stated Terms & Conditions, with any changes or other edits to the specified content listed on those pages, resulting in these Terms & Conditions also being amended, with the most recent information listed current at the time, and no notice is needed or will be provided to users for any changes whatsoever to these Terms & Conditions, other than as indicated with the most recent and therefore current information listed and available for users to be able to review on those specified pages, providing all users with access to the most current updates to these available Terms & Conditions.

4. No third party may access this website or redeem, activate or use any benefit for any reason, even if on behalf of a user, and/or with the permission of the user.

5. User and immediate family may not share or distribute benefits, coupons or other savings to non-users in any way and through any medium. This includes, but is not limited to, the posting of offers, benefits, take orders or transact orders for other parties or distribute in any fashion coupons, codes or other available savings opportunities or benefits.

6. User and immediate family may not offer their access to this website or program for resale to other parties. Use of this website and access to benefits are nontransferable.

7. User will not violate any local, state or federal laws with regards to the use of their user account and access of this website.

8. Only user’s that are currently active can enter this exclusive user benefit fulfillment website, and such access and offers in general, without limit or restriction, may be amended, terminated, changed or altered at the sole discretion of management. New benefits and offers may also be added while other benefits may be amended or canceled entirely based on availability and quality of service.

9. User will hold harmless and indemnify management for all actions, representations and claims provided through this program and it is acknowledged that management will not be held liable for any loss or offer that is not accepted by merchant or other providers.

10. The pin number or Registration Number that was issued and received by a specific user, whether delivered to such user by email, mailed fulfillment package or presented as a hard copy printed certificate is considered to be “Live” and able to be activated or registered by the recipient within up to 6 months of it being issued, at any time within those 6 months, on this website as instructed.

11. A user or otherwise holder or recipient of a “Live” pin number or Registration Number that can be redeemed on this website for immediate use is not under any obligation or other requirement to use this program, login to this website, activate/register their number or to shop at any listed merchant or use any benefit contained within or is included with this offer and program..

12. These listed Terms & Conditions are subject to be amended or otherwise changed at the sole discretion of management.

13. Certain benefits and other offers may each have their own respective terms, conditions, requirements and limits that will be listed for each such offer, usually on the individual specific benefit or merchant details page, and it is noted that all such other terms, conditions and requirements that govern any specific offer, benefit or relationship for the merchant or provider listed, are incorporated by reference into these main program Terms & Conditions and are also subject to be amended or otherwise changed at the sole discretion of management or their respective companies.